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Don't gamble with a grievance!

New Jersey Attorney General Directive 2018-02 mandates drug testing for all sworn law enforcement officers in the State of New Jersey. At least 10% of your agency must be selected two times per year. Don't throw darts at your roster or roll the dice to choose your candidates! Use Randomizer, from Cop-For-Cop Solutions, LLC. 

Simply enter a list of your employees' ID or badge number at first launch. Over time, edit the list of ID numbers as employees come and go. Randomizer does not ask for or store employees' names or any other personal identifying information. The program is based solely on numeric ID numbers. 

To select your candiates, enter the witness name, choose your selection percentage and click 

"Choose Candidates". Randomizer takes care of the rest! The program confirms your selection percentage, and generates a random list for you. Every candidate selection is memorialized with a read only PDF containing the parties present during selection, time stamp, selected candidates and more!

Order your copy of Randomizer today for only $199.99. Each order will arrive via the United States Postal Service with an installation package and the software will be pre-registered to your agency ready to go!

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System requirements

A 1.6 Ghz dual core or higher processor, 2GB ram or higher, at least 5gb free hard drive space, and a CD/DVD drive are required. A screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher is recommended.  A PDF viewer is required to display or print the PDF reports. 

Randomizer requires Windows 7 or higher. Windows XP and Vista are not supported.   


Randomizer drug test employee picker Screenshots

Randomizer Main Menu


Randomizer PDF Report